English translation of the introduction to this website
Tradition against tyranny is a Slovenian website where people can get introduced to alternative ideas and views that are labeled as politically incorrect in today’s society because they represent a different worldview built on the foundations of nature and its laws and not on the concepts of egalitarianism and widespread tolerance. The main aim of this website is to present these ideas in their true form, free from the shadow of political correctness which the mainstream media always uses and therefore offers only a distorted and inaccurate picture. This website also intends to encourage people to reflect, consider and think about certain questions and problems of our time so they can form their own opinions about views and ideas that are considered as hateful and negative just because they oppose the today’s liberal trends.
The purpose of this website is not to spread hatred or to incite violence, but to warn about certain events and happenings that can have devastating consequences for us and for the other white nations with which we share our common homeland Europe. Therefore Tradition against tyranny advocates ideas that are a healthy alternative to today’s society of consumerism and to unhealthy egoistic way of life in which everything revolves around the wishes and rights of individuals or smaller groups, while at the same time the meaning of nation as well as its tradition, values, culture, heritage and identity slowly pass to oblivion.
Also, the intention of this site is not to spread some outdated reactionary ideologies but to firmly advocate Racial Nationalism, an idea based on eternal laws of nature, and therefore the only healthy alternative to the current left wing liberal trends and altruistic ideas that want to convince the European nations to sacrifice their culture, traditions and identity on the altar of multiculturalism for the sake of some new world that will be deprived of all the different and unique nations and races and where all of us will be just one universal human race united in “harmony, tolerance and equality”.

The left wing, new Cultural Marxists and other supporters of all kinds of unnatural decadent ideas are trying to convince us that race is just a social construct and therefore irrelevant. On the other hand they are also saying that accepting immigrants who are racially different from Europeans into our societies will bring us cultural enrichment and that this racial mixing is in our best interests. We can see the consequences of this so much praised diversity in Western Europe, where the native population is being culturally enriched by immigrants on daily basis in forms of rapes, robberies, murders, terrorist attacks, all kinds of abuses, riots and general violence.
Unlike these progressive ideas that are convincing us that it’s in our best interest to become minorities in our own homelands and slowly disappear from this planet as we blend in with all the other races, Racial Nationalism recognizes the fact that nature has created different races, and that throughout history different nations were also formed within these races. Racial nationalism therefore stands for the preservation of all the different peoples and their unique racial and cultural characteristics. The left always accuses nationalists of being hateful and intolerant of other races, while in reality it is the left that wants to erase and destroy all the nations and their unique characteristics by blending them all into some kind of universal human race. Racial Nationalism on the other hand respects all the races of this planet that were created and molded by nature, and stands for the preservation of the real global diversity. Racial Nationalism believes that all the different peoples and races of this planet have a right to self-determination and to their own homelands where they can develop according to their own capabilities and keep their own traditions, cultures, identity and a way of life that suits them best.

Racial nationalism does not see other races as the enemy, but recognizes those who spread the false ideas of egalitarianism and Cultural Marxist poison as the enemies of all races.
Various counterculture movements, liberal groups and left wing organizations, that are spreading degenerate decadent views and support mass immigration to Europe in order to create a “new multicultural world of united human race”, were always encouraged and financed by the powerful plutocracy of Masonic businessmen, bankers and globalists - mostly members of the same ancient tribe, that has to this day influenced and exploited all of the so called “progressive” and liberal movements for their own goals. These architects of the New World Order, that wish to exploit all the nations of this world, know very well that a healthy nation bonded by blood and by loyalty of its people, who share the same heritage and values, will sooner or later see through their deceits and reject the false ideas through which they want to enslave them. On the contrary, a nation that has lost its own identity and shared values built on the traditions of its ancestors, a nation that doesn’t live in a homogeneous society anymore, but in a society divided by smaller opposing groups which are not loyal to their land, will be much easier to exploit and with time will be completely subjected. That is why they are causing as much division as possible within the societies of European lands by using the above mentioned movements on one hand, and on the other destroying the racial roots of Europeans by importing large numbers of immigrants who are ethnically foreign to Europe. By doing so they are creating a new concept of national identity that is not based on blood and common roots but on some general multicultural values which are forced upon native Europeans mostly through mass media. The result of all this is that now everyone can become a European, while the real Europeans are slowly becoming a minority in their own cities, and once marginal and degenerated ideas and views are now becoming more and more common among the European youth.
Nationalism is therefore, as the opposite and the only healthy alternative to this decadence and decay of Europe, labeled as an evil ideology of hate which is in fact very far from truth. The only aim of nationalist idea is - in accordance with the eternal nature’s laws - the preservation and the development of its own nation and of race to which it belongs. The essence of true nationalism is to care for the well-being, preservation and existence of one’s own nation and its unique characteristics, to defend a nation’s right to a homeland, culture, tradition and identity and to respect and recognize the same rights for other nations and races at the same time. Everything else are just lies born out of ignorance or out of fear from this idea of racial nationalism, which remains the only hope for the rebirth of Europe and for the preservation of the mighty cultures, traditions and accomplishments of the Slavonic, Germanic, Roman and other white nations of this ancient continent.
This website is dedicated to the idea of racial nationalism, but alongside the more ideological articles will also publish articles on the subject of history, culture, traditions, customs and old beliefs of both Slavonic and other European peoples.
All the published articles that are not yet available in English will be translated and posted in this section.